Basic Services

At Morrow Translations I provide text to text based translation services from Japanese to English in a wide variety of subjects.

Areas of Experience/Specialization:

  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Supplements, Health Related (Regulatory)
  • Biomedical, Medicine, Biology
  • Computers and IT (Information Technology)
  • Natural Sciences (Geology, Oceanography, etc.)
  • Literature (Sci-fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Comics, Film, etc.)


I provide high quality editing of previously translated documents whether they be translated by a native or non-native English speaker. Editing of machine translated documents in most cases will cost more than to have me translate the original in its entirety. Please keep this in mind when asking for editing services.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

In addition to text translation, I also perform DTP services and can accommodate any need for final print ready documentation. Formatting, layout, pre and post processing will be charged at the hourly rate when not factored into the project estimate.

Translation Memory (CAT) Software

I have been involved with computers for a very long time, over 30 years now and I build and maintain my own computers and networks. I use a combination of Windows, and Linux systems to perform my duties. On these systems I use a variety of software to produce high quality translations. I am also familiar with several CAT packages if required. (Trados, OmegaT)

File Formats

I accept a variety of electronic document formats. The most common are word documents (.doc/.docx), powerpoint presentations (.ppt/.pptx), excel spreadsheets (.xls/.xlsx) and portable document formats (.pdf). Due to the high possibility of errors I do not generally accept faxed or handwritten documents. Contact me if you wish to submit a document via fax or have any questions regarding other formats.


You can submit your documents in a variety of ways:

  • either via e-mail for relatively small files (under 5 Megabytes)
  • upload via FTP to my file server for larger files (over 5 Megabytes)

*I will only accept faxed or handwritten documents in special circumstances. Please contact me for details.


I can provide files in a variety of formats. The default formats are .doc/.docx, .ppt/.pptx, .xls/.xlsx documents. If you require a different format please make that known at the time you place your order.