• 1988~1990 - Technical and Scientific Writing Certificate (2 years) - Mount Royal College, Calgary, Canada
  • 1990~1994 - B.A. Japanese/Linguistics Double Major (4 years) - University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada


  • 2002~Present - Morrow Translations - Tokyo, Japan - Owner/Operator (Translator, Interpreter, Accountant, IT, Janitor)
  • 2001~2010 - Chuo Bussan Corporation - Tokyo, Japan - Head Translator/Interpreter (Pharmaceutical/Regulatory, Legal, Business)
  • 1995~2001 - Gakken Publishing Company - Tokyo, Japan - Translator/Editor (Scientific, Technical)

Contact me if you have any other questions concerning my work history or experience.

Personal Information

I have been interested in and involved with language all my life. I started at 7 years old with Speech Arts training including elocution, poetry and prose recital, public speaking and performance arts. I began studying Japan and the Japanese language when I started to practice the martial arts over 25 years ago.

I enjoy the learning process and I am an avid reader. My sphere of general knowledge is wide and in addition to my professional experience I have over 30 years of experience with computers and IT thanks to a technically inclined father. I build and maintain my own computers and networks. I designed and built this website which is now the 7th incarnation of the Morrow Translations website.

I am also familiar with technology and natural sciences as those are my personal areas of interest.

I am willing to have a look at any type of translation you may require. I am not in the habit of turning clients away. However, my knowledge is not limitless and if I am not able to undertake your translation project I have a circle of professional acquaintances who will likely be able to help you or your organization to realize an accurate and professional rendition from either Japanese to English or English to Japanese. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.