Fee Schedule

Fee Calculation

Project fees are calculated by page or word/character and are based on content and desired quality level.

The more technical or specialized the content the more time required and the higher the cost.

More edit cycles require more time but means greater end quality.

1. Per Word/Character Calculation. This is by far the most requested and common method of calculation.

  • 5~25 Yen per character (based on source document).
  • 10~50 Yen per word (based on target document).

2. Per Page Calculation. I use the industry standard of 400 Japanese characters or 200 English words per page.

  • 2,000~10,000 Yen per page.

Contact me for a Quote.

Minimum Charge

A minimum charge of 5000 Yen will apply to all projects.

Rush Jobs

Depending on circumstances I am occasionally available to do rush work. In a single day I am able to translate approximately 12 (200 words per page) pages of finished and polished English depending on the subject matter. Any amount above this will be charged at 25% above the negotiated rate.

Graphics and DTP (Layout, Special Formatting)

Project fees include only text content, any work requiring graphics, special formatting or layout work above and beyond the text translation will be charged at the rate of 8,000 Yen per hour if not agreed upon prior to the start of the project.

I regularly produce print ready documents with graphics, images and charts.

Consumption Tax

As required by Japanese law, a 5% consumption tax will apply to all projects. International clients qualify for a rebate. Contact me for details.


All fees are to be settled on completion of the project. A project is deemed to be completed when the document is sent and the client is satisfied with the quality. I guarantee satisfaction. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have issues or questions regarding the completed project. You can make payment in the following ways:

  • Domestic (within Japan) clients can pay via bank transfer.
  • International clients can pay by means of international wire transfer (TT) or Paypal.
  • Cash payments are acceptable.
  • Personal cheques are not accepted.