Welcome to Morrow Translations


Welcome, my name is Patrick Morrow. I am the proprietor of and sole translator at Morrow Translations. I have been translating professionally in-house since 1996 and on a freelance basis since 2001. For a complete work history please visit my profile page. I offer Japanese to English translations in a variety of genres from medicine and pharmacy to business and finance. The purpose of this web site is to offer you information about what I do and what I can do for you or your organization, as well as give you an opportunity to contact me.

Imagine Hassle-Free Communication

Imagine cross-border trade where accurate high quality translations allow you to concentrate your business efforts on innovation rather than struggling to understand or make yourself understood in Japanese. Maximum efficiency is a requirement to increase profits in today’s highly competitive marketplace. My decades of experience with the Japanese language and culture can help you to grow and maintain your business through effective communication.

Style is Content

Translation from one language to another is a subtle and complex process. A truly high quality translation is one that shows no signs of being translated at all. It elicits the same feeling and comprehension in both the source and target language. Accurate representation of an idea does not necessarily imply using the same words. In many cases the opposite is true and a one to one translation is rarely the best solution. The Japanese/English language pair are separated by vast amounts of time and distance, and are notoriously difficult to translate with accuracy and more importantly readability. This is what I mean by 'Style is Content.' You are relying on me as a language professional with decades of study and experience to effectively convey your idea from Japanese into English with impeccable fidelity.

I look forward to serving you.

Patrick Morrow